Creating Storage Space, Part 2

Here are more tips on finding storage space for your special supplies:
  1. Do you have closets totally packed with things that never see the light of day? Clean them out (floor, shelves and hanging), donating or selling what you haven't used or worn in the next year. Then see how much room you have. Enough for a few storage (icing) buckets? Or a few boxes of dried fruits and veggies? Do this with all of your closets.
  2. Instead of a typical coffee table, how about a couple of short bedside tables and a board with table cloth on top? Or 4 storage (icing) buckets with that board and cloth on top? Or a "steamer" trunk or two?
  3. Instead of a "normal" couch, how about an "RV"-type couch that opens up to reveal storage space? If you need the pull-out part, forget about the couch and have a blow-up air mattress, which are pretty sturdy these days.
  4. Going back to the stairs issue (previous posting), how about stairs that open up?
  5. If you have crawl space, there's a lot of storing you can do there. Remember to pack well to prevent bug and critter infestation.
  6. If you own your own home, take some time to dig out a root celler. Make it easily accessible for you but hard to find by others, and big enough to accommodate all of your supplies. It needs to be waterproof and critter-proof.
  7. Need a bar stool? Stack a couple of storage (icing) buckets, add a pillow-topped plywood circle on top, and cover with a fabric that covers the whole thing all of the way to the floor.
  8. As in the last posting, place shelves all the way up to the ceiling. If you have your stored items in pretty baskets above eye level, no one but you will know what's in there. The things that are eye level could be nick-nacks, books or the prettier storage items. That way your home would look like you've a survival-nut!
  9. Take the time to look at everything in your home. Make sure that everything is functional, and that most things do double duty. For example, do you use your waffle iron as a panini press too? Is the space underneath the bed full? Are the drawers in your desk full? Fill up your suitcases until you need them for your next trip. You get the picture.
  10. Use baskets or tubs with lids so you can stack them. Decorate with bits of wall-paper if you'd like.
  11. Don't pass by a yard sale if you have a few bills in your wallet/purse. You could find a lots of great things. Look at everything with a critical eye - can it be used as storage? We picked up a great storage item: a film display case that has slanted shelves.
  12. One friend needed more kitchen storage space so she installed a lot of plastic shelves she picked up real cheap. Then she hung a really pretty bedsheet from the thrift store to hide them. Move the sheet to the side to access what's on the shelves. Yes, it reduced the walking around area, but it was convenient and cheap.
  13. Some people use shelves and a board to make a desk. Cover with a pretty sheet and you not only have an instant office but also storage space that no one can see unless they lift up the sheet.
  14. Create a folding screen (room divider) by using plywood and a fabric or posters or anything you can think of. This will enable you to close off (read: hide) your storage area from casual observers.

What are YOUR ideas for adding storage space?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out our other blogs!