Hydroponics: Growing Lettuce

When we were at Hobby Lobby the other day, when just about everything was 30% off, we found two of these "Hydro Greenhouse 2" kits. "Table-Top Hydroponic Mini Greenhouse". We've been wanting to figure out how hydroponics works.

We went into a "Grow Store" to peruse their supplies. Everything was so expensive. Times are tough; we figured there HAD to be a cheaper solution out there.

So when we found this kit, we thought it ideal for our experiment. This weekend, we'll open it up and start a few seeds. I'm thinking one buttercrunch lettuce and one black-seeded simpson (we already have these seeds).

Good family project. We'll keep it on the dining room table, and nibble lettuce leaves during dinner. We hope. We'll keep you posted on our experiment.