Thoughts for Next Year

I've had some down time lately, kinda down for the count with a sore throat and ear-ache. What would I do if I couldn't get to the store for Sucrets for my throat, or ibuprofen for my fever and pain? Do I have enough herbs to help? And if so, do I have enough knowledge on their usage?

Thoughts of food also consume me. Well, I'm a big woman and love to eat. So how can I take care of my family without lots of thinking and preparing?

Then there's the skills needed in case we get a blizzard, which we probably will have (in the Denver, CO area) and our water table needs.

For our food self-sufficiency blog ( I've created a chart of foods to grow/buy/store and for every day of the Year 2009, will post a healthy and nutritious menu of foods using those on the chart, and any necessary recipes.

But what about this blog?

Starting on January 1 2009, I'll attempt to tackle a new prep or specialties topic each day. I would certainly appreciate your input... write an article about being self-reliant or a part of an intentional community, e-mail it to me, and I probably will post it.

Meanwhile, please recommend our blogs to your friends and readers. Thanks!